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Acorn Stairlifts 

Acorn stairlifts straight stairlift is named the 130 (successor of the 120). Acorn Stairlifts is one of the largest stairlift suppliers in the USA and around the world. Acorn stairlifts utilize a network of salespeople and trained installers so most sales and installation are direct from the manufacturer.
Weight capacity is standard 280lbs and Heavy Duty option is 350lbs
This Acorn Stairlift 130 also comes as an outdoor model with standard 280lbs

Very basic models and one of the options Acorn offers on the 130 is a hinged rail
Acorn outdoor version - SEE BELOW

Acorn Stairlifts 130 straight stairlift.

The Acorn Stairlift 180 is a modular curved stairlift. Compared to a custom stairlift these are fitted on site whereas a custom stairlift is made to fit for your staircase only.
Acorn calls this the FastTrack system. The advantage is that it can be installed within a few days

Maximum capacity is 265lbs.

Acorn mostly sells direct from the manufacturer through their sales network

Acorn Stairlifts 180 curved lift.jpg

Acorn 130 Outdoor Straight Stairlift has been build to withstand the elements

Acorn 130 outdoor stairlift.jpg
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