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        Pollock Lifts 

Pollock Home Lifts has been operating since 1983 and is Ireland’s only Residential Elevator manufacturer and the ultimate choice for adding value to home access through the latest technology. Pollock Lifts's innovatory digital control system brings a wealth of benefits not only for end-users but also for installers and service engineers with an easier installation process, simplified servicing, and reduced fault finding. From installation to operation, every detail has been designed with the customer in mind. Pollock Lifts residential elevator as they refer to it is considered a homelift due to the fact it does not need a shaft to install.
Pollock Lifts is since recently in the USA. 

Pollock Residential Elevator is available in 3 sizes and 3 cabin heights, you can choose the configuration that best suits your requirements and room dimensions. The Residential Elevator can be installed in any room, according to your desired travel within your home and room floor plans.

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Pollock Homelifts can have a wheelchair Configuration – available in a range of sizes, these elegantly designed lifts fit unobtrusively into any home.

Seated Configuration – this compact lift provides travel for one seated person – fixed, tip-up, perch or heavy-duty seating options available.

Side Hung Configuration – this lift offers increased rigidity but with a compact footprint.

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