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Shaftless Elevators

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Homelifts (or "through the floor lifts") have gained in popularity in the last few years. It is easy to see why. More Homelift manufacturers have entered the U.S. market in recent years, such as Wessex Homelifts, Stiltz Homelifts and Staying Home Homelift. Savaria also recently introduced a new Homelift called the Vue Lift. These Homelifts usually require very little modification in the home and can be installed quite quickly.

Because they do not need a shaft, they are great for retrofit in a home as well as in new homes. They are generally less expensive then a regular elevator where a shaft needs to be added to an existing home.

It can also most certainly increase the value of your home, if the lift is installed in a good location, thus offsetting the cost over time and recoup all or part when selling your home. They are also more useful than a stairlift.
We see home lifts between the less expensive stairlifts in most cases and the more expensive regular elevators when it requires an elevator shaft to be build into an existing home. 

Homelifts are also referred to as shaftless elevators

Home Lifts can be unenclosed or might have an enclosure as well. Generally, if it does not have an enclosure they use constant pressure as determined by the ASME regulations, meaning you will have to keep pressing the easy to use button until it reaches the next floor, and the Homelifts that do have an enclosure or shaft are able to move to a selected floor automatically after a press of the button.

Most enclosed Homelifts are self-supported by the floor downstairs, so not much additional construction is needed. Usually, no pit is needed either

Different footprints/sizes of the cab make them very versatile for spaces where a regular elevator cannot be fitted. They can be tucked in corners, or enclosed in a closet for example. Some Homelifts can also accommodate a wheelchair

Advantages of a Homelift / Shaftless elevator:

  • Little more expensive and can be close to the same cost than a curved or custom stairlift

  • Less expensive then a regular elevator if a shaft needs to be built

  • Can improve the value of your home

  • Able to accommodate a wheelchair depending on cab size and weight limit

  • Quick installation usually

Below you will find the Homelift manufacturers that sell here in the USA and Canada
Our dealer map can find the Homelift dealer(s) closest to your location

Listed alphabetical or general order

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator / PVE

Pneumatic vacuum elevators are a unique concept of lifts driven by air. Also called PVE and available in diameter sizes from 30" up to 52 -11/16" 

PVE Elevator Homelift.jpg

Staying Home



SHC has a homelift which is battery powered and available in different cab sizes.
Weight capacity is up to 500 lbs

Staying home corporation elevator.png

Savaria Homelifts 

Savaria Vuelift has different models and configurations. They are available in round or octagonal configurations to suit virtually any architecture. 950lbs

Savaria Vuelift.jpg

Stiltz Homelifts

Stiltz Homelifts have different models and cab configurations. Duo models are the smallest and Trio models can accommodate a wheelchair. 500lbs cap

Stiltz Homelift.jpg

Wessex Home Lifts

Wessex Lifts come in an open or or enclosed cab configuration. Also available is a luxury model. Up to 550lbs capacity

Wessex Homelift.jpg

Pollock Lifts

Pollock Lifts is a 35 year old company and has different models with up to 507lbs capacity.


Symmetry Homelifts

Symmetrie manufactures Elevators and Lifts through Bella Elevator in the USA. 400lbs capacity.

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