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Stiltz Homelifts 

Stiltz Homelifts Headquarters for the USA is in Bethlehem, PA. Stiltz Home Lifts have several models to choose from. The smaller lifts are the Duo Homelifts and have a very small footprint and the larger one is Trio Homelift. 
The Trio Homelift is wheelchair accessible. They have the Classic range and newer Alta lifts which feature a newer and more modern design.

Stiltz Duo Alta Homelift is their new homelift which can accommodate two people or 375lbs and has a modern design with led lighting and very small footprint

Stiltz Home Elevator Duo.jpg

Stiltz Duo Classic Homelift is their least expensive basic home lift which can accommodate two people or 375lbs

Stiltz Lifts Duo Classic.jpg

Stiltz Trio Alta Homelift is their larger lift and can accommodate three people, a wheelchair or 500lbs. It has a build-in ramp in the floor to make entry and exit easier.

Stiltz Homelift header.jpg

Stiltz Trio Classic Homelift is their larger standard lift and can accomodate three people or 485lbs

Stiltz Trio Classic.jpg
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