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Handicare launches new friction drive stairlift in North America

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Handicare Announces Next Generation Stairlift At Seventieth Annual NAEC Convention

United States, Missouri, St. Louis - 09-17-2019. Handicare, the global leader in mobility and accessibility solutions, announced today the launch of the 1100 Straight Stairlift in North America. Representing the next generation in stairlift technology, the 1100 offers a multitude of revolutionary features and benefits that appeal to both the dealer and consumer.  

“The launch of the 1100 marks an evolution in stairlift design for not only Handicare but also our industry.” said Thomas Vorpahl, President of Handicare North America. “We wanted to introduce a revolutionary stairlift that is lightweight, easy to install and maintain for our dealers. While also safe, user-friendly and provides a low cost of ownership for consumers. The 1100 ticks all those boxes.”  

Handicare’s portfolio of stairlifts promote an independent lifestyle with more confidence for the mobility impaired to move about their home every day. The all-new 1100 is just one of many products from Handicare that caters to those looking to Age in Place making their home more accessible while avoiding costly renovations.  

Making its North American Premiere at the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) Annual Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 18. Consumers will be able to purchase the 1100 shortly after from Handicares’ extensive dealer network.  

Key Features and Benefits of the Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift: 

Patented Multi-Drive Friction Technology ensures the unit is always running at peak performanceThe Drive System contributes to an ultra slim profile taking up less space on staircasesContinuous Charge allows for the lift to be charged anywhere on the trackEasyGlide Technology provides an exceptionally smooth ride up and down the stairs with soft starts and stopsRe-handable Modular System minimizes inventory for dealers and offers consumers the flexibility to upgrade their unit if their needs changeLightweight Rail and Powerpack makes it easy for one person to install and handle  

For more information on the 1100 please visit their website:


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