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RAM Manufacturing Vertical Platform Lift 

RAM Manufacturing is located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. They are the makers of the Trus-T-Lift vertical platform lift that is a very simple and light weight design and can hold up to 750lbs depending on the configuration. Their smaller lifts can be had with a simple see-through floor and taller ones are fully enclosed. They use a Natiowide dealer network

Trus-T-Lift Vertical Platform lifts are available in heights up to 14'. They can be customized with different options and according to the manufacturer they can withstand extreme temperatures in outdoor environments. All of their components are housed in the top of the lift* so their lifts are a perfect option in flood prone areas. (* Most VPL's and other lifts have their components at the top of the tower)

Trus-T-Lift vpl.jpg
Trus-T-Lift vertical platform lift.jpg
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