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Cibes Lifts enter agreement to aquire Bella Elevator and strengthens its position in the USA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Cibes Lift Group enters an agreement to acquire Bella Elevator LLC, manufacturer of Symmetry Elevating Solutions, to strengthen its position in the USA and create new business opportunities through local manufacturing and a nationwide distributor and partner network.

Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, with manufacturing facilities in both Peoria and Roanoke, Bella Elevator LLC and Symmetry Elevating Solutions offers a wide range of home elevators, platform lifts and LULA elevators* through a nationwide network of distribution partners with over 80 locations in the USA and Canada.

“For Cibes Lift Group, this acquisition provides access to an extensive portfolio of home elevators and accessibility products and strengthens our presence nationwide in the USA. In addition, it will also give Bella Elevator and its distributors and customers access to the Cibes product portfolio and commercial excellence expertise and infrastructure. Bella Elevator will continue to be run as an independent company and work closely with Cibes subsidiaries in the USA to further establish both Cibes and Symmetry as industry leading brands”, says Per Lidström, CEO of Cibes Lift Group.

Bella Elevator LLC was founded in 2009 and has 132 employees. Bella acquired Symmetry Elevating Solutions, their official brand, in 2016. At present, the company produces approximately 2500 lifts a year and is renowned for their quality products, as well as for their customer service.

Cibes Lift Group will acquire full ownership of Bella Elevator LLC, including Symmetry Elevating Solutions, but the company will retain its company name and brand. Rick Crane will assume the role of Vice President of Sales, Americas for Cibes, as well as continue in his current role at Bella Elevator.

“Bella Elevator has long sought to be the leader in the US home elevator and accessibility lift industry. Today, we are proud to be joining Cibes, who we consider the perfect partner, in our pursuit of that vision. The collective strength of our two organizations, our dedicated team members, our shared products, and both the Cibes direct sales offices and Bella’s exceptional nationwide distributor network will provide unmatched value within the marketplace as we further develop our presence throughout North America and beyond”, Rick Crane, President of Bella Elevator, concludes.

The acquisition is planned to be completed during the second quarter of 2022.

*Limited Use Limited Application elevators

For more information, please contact: Per Lidström, CEO & President of Cibes Lift Group, +46 26 17 14 00 or visit and



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