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PVE introduces the new CUBE Lift

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators is introducing the new Cube Lift to their line of lifts.

Cube Lift picture inside a home
Cube Lift

The Cube lift came to the market to be more competitive with other homelift offerings.

The Cube lift uses 220V and can be installed in about two days according the the company website. Like other Homelifts on the market the Cube lift does not need a shaft and can be installed on the exisitng floor. It is powered by air, just like the other vacuum elevators from the company PVE.

This has a small footprint as well and intended for two story homes. They claim minimal maintenance for their drive system which is unique in the industry.

The Cube lift is powered by air suction and doing so it is the only square shaped elevator with this drive system.

The Cube Lift has a standard size of 36" x 36" Travel is up to 20' and weight capacity is 450lbs.

Cube is made in the USA and company is located in Miami, FL.



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