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Flow X Curved Stairlift is making an entry in the USA market at Medtrade 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Flow X Stairlift for custom curved staircases was recently reintroduced for the USA market at the recent Medtrade show. It has been available in Europe for many years and in Canada from TK Access Solutions / TK Access Solutions Ltd.,(Thyssen Krupp).

Thyssen Krupp had a residential division in the USA then left the market for quite a few years and is now back under the name Access BDD – Which stands for Access Business Development Division.

Medtrade was recently in Atlanta GA where Access BDD had the Flow X curved stairlift on display. One of the features of this custom stairlift is the way it can ride in a swiveled position on very narrow staircases and rotate back to any other position when needed.

In addition to their curved stairlift Access BDD will also be offering a stairlift for straight staircase.

What makes it unique is what they call ASL technology – Advanced Swivel and Levelling technology, which basically means that the seat and footplate both can rotate and swivel together at the same time to make sure the stairlift is always in a safe and comfortable position for the user on narrow staircases, or when needed at other times.

They also offer different rail options such as a dropnose, horizontal overruns or curved park positions. Weight capacity is 275 lbs and they note it can be fitted on staircase as narrow as 24”.

Their presence at Medtrade in Atlanta is their latest move in growing their presence into the USA market after being in Canada for two years now. The Flow curved stairlift has been available for sometime in other countries under TK Access.

You can find more at their website:



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