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Innovative UP Stairlift now available in the USA distributed by Railius Inc.

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

UP Stairlift has a worldwide patent for their modular rail which can be assembled on the spot for curved or custom staircases and can be reused later when needed. UP Stairlift was 20 years in the making and designed, developed and manufactured by Dennis Vroegindeweij who is very well known for designing and developing the Freecurve stairlift in 1996 now still sold by Handicare.

It has a worldwide patent for the modular rail design and is a completely green reusable curved lift unlike any other on the market today.

Easily kept in stock and no camera system is needed as they use an online configurator which gives a 3D image with simple measurements and creates drawings for installation in a matter of minutes and not days.

If plans changes in the future it can be completely removed and reinstalled. Unlike other custom rail that is usually only made for one staircase and thrown away when no longer needed. Many standard features sucha as power swivel seat at top and bottom, powered footrest and wifi connectivity.

To find out more please visit: The UP Stairlift | UP Stairlift USA



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